Language Pairs & Service Scope

My services are designed for companies, institutions, public authorities and private customers, and cover the following scope in the English / German language pair:

  • Simultaneous interpreting (e.g. at conferences, congresses, meetings)
  • Whispered interpreting (e.g. in court, for discussions in small groups)
  • Liaison interpreting (e.g. for business negotiations, at trade fairs, at guided tours, in training courses)
  • Remote interpreting
  • Certified translations
  • Transcreation (English-to-German only)
  • Localisation (English-to-German only)
  • Post-editing of machine translations
  • Proofreading/revision
  • Company trainings (general or technical English)
  • One-to-one lessons (e.g. interview training in German, practising custom terminology)
  • English and German tutoring for pupils

I am offering a free consultation for all services, including outside regular business hours.

For interpreting assignments and large translation projects with tight deadlines that require team work, I can recommend you other highly skilled language professionals, if you wish so.

Areas of Specialisation

Rendering a text correctly in another language is impossible without fully understanding its meaning; hence it is essential for translators and interpreters to specialise in certain subject areas. In the course of my studies and through continuous professional development, I have managed to acquire in-depth background knowledge and high-level technical language skills in the following areas:

  • Clinical studies (medication, therapies)
  • Medical and psychological reports (e.g. for judicial authorities)
  • Findings reports, therapy reports, doctor’s letters (e.g. for referrals or insurance companies)
  • Medical certificates
  • Meeting and conference reports
  • Specialist publications for industry, research and science
  • Specialist books and specialist articles
  • Specialist articles and specialist books
  • Marketing material (brochures, catalogues ...)
  • Software for sports and fitness equipment
  • Nutritional plans (e.g. for allergies, food intolerances, metabolic disorders)
  • Cookbooks, diet guidebooks
  • Restaurant guides
  • Image brochures and product brochures
  • Advertising copy of all kinds (including slogans, claims)
  • Marketing plans and market research studies
  • Product presentations
  • Websites
  • Corporate publishing (e.g. press releases, newsletters, employee and customer magazines, sustainability reports, crisis communication)
  • Business reports
  • Financial statements (annual financial statements, quarterly reports)
  • Commercial Register transcripts
  • Partnership agreements, articles of association
  • Internal communication
  • Training materials
  • Business correspondence
  • Job application materials (cover letters, CVs, school reports, vocational training and university certificates, degrees, previous employer references, etc.)
  • Certificates of good conduct
  • Registry Office documents (e.g. certificates of birth, marriage, death)
  • Identity documents & driving licences
  • Residency and naturalisation documents
  • Decrees of divorce
  • Contracts and agreements (e.g. real estate purchase agreements, prenuptial agreements, deeds of inheritance)
  • Official letters

Formats & Programs

Please contact me if your text is in another format. Together we will find a solution!