Prices and conditions

Price calculation

Translation and interpreting jobs are comparable to custom-made products: No two are alike. Each text has its own characteristics; each customer has their own special requirements. In order to obtain fair remuneration for my services, I must consider these individual factors in my price calculation. That is why quoting standard prices or flat rates is not possible.

Upon request, I will be pleased to submit you a customised binding offer including delivery date and all other terms and conditions.


Fees for interpreting jobs (including remote simultaneous interpreting) are usually arranged on a day or half-day basis, whereby the day or half-day rate as such depends on the overall circumstances of the assignment. Interpreting fees always include thorough familiarisation with the subject matter and specific terminology of the event, travel costs and, upon request, also consulting and support (e.g. for conference equipment).

Interpreting in courts, at public authorities or at notaries will be charged at the hourly rates laid down in the German Judicial Remuneration and Compensation Act (JVEG), as amended.


Translations are usually paid by text volume, which is determined by counting either the number of standard lines (of 50 characters each, including blanks) or the number of words. The rate per line or word depends on the complexity of the source text, thus reflecting the time required for terminology and subject matter research.

For rush orders requiring work at night, on public holidays or at the weekend, a surcharge of 20–40%, depending on the urgency, will be added on top of the basic price. Any additional work (such as substantial data conversion or complex formatting) will be invoiced on an hourly basis. For certified translations, a certification fee of €9.00 per document will be charged.

Due to the amount of administrative work involved in every job, the minimum order value is €25.00.

For an exact price calculation and estimation of the time required for completion (and hence the delivery date), I must see the text to be translated. The quickest way for you to receive an offer is by supplying your text in electronic form (ideally, in an editable format).

Proofreading and Revision

Proofreading and revision of translations will be charged by the hour. For this type of work, you can choose between three correction levels:


Creative Language Solutions

Transcreation and localisation jobs will also be charged by the hour.